Managing budgets in spreadsheets is hard when you’re collaborating with a team of people. You have version control issues, it’s hard to manage who can see and update which part of the spreadsheet and you never know if the actuals are completely up to date since invoices have to be entered manually.

Marketo Financial Management, the newest product on the Marketo platform, makes it easy to plan and manage budgets across your marketing team. Create your budgets in an intuitive folder structure that mirrors how your marketing department is organized, then assign access rights to budget owners and team members so they can manage their budgets.

With its familiar Excel-like interface, Marketo Financial Management makes it easy to enter your budget plan and track planned, forecasted, committed and actual spend for each line item. Plus, you can associate your Marketo programs with budget categories and line items.

By integrating with your financial system to import invoices, and providing calculated roll-ups of your line items, categories and budgets, you can be confident you’re making decisions based on an up-to-date view of your actuals.

Out-of-the-box dashboards and reports give you the visibility to move budget dollars to where they are needed most. So don’t just track your budget, actively manage your spend with Marketo Financial Management. And then enjoy the moment when finance tells the other departments “Why can’t you be more like marketing?”

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Build a bridge between Marketing and Finance